Saturday, December 03, 2005

Student Forum

"Speak out! Let your voices be heard!" All 224 slips of paper on which we write our suggestions (and grouses!) have been read and taken into consideration by the student council.

Last Thursday, the student council presented their findings on MC students’ suggestions concerning the cafeteria, MC Mart, internet and computer facilities, and miscellaneous items.

As for the cafeteria, complaints have been made on food prices, variety and the staff attitude. Two of these have been resolved to serve students better. If you have noticed a fortnight ago, the opening hours of the cafeteria have been stretched to 7 pm. Other improvements include price labeling, more fruits, and the general cleanliness of the cafeteria.

Regarding internet connection, things are starting to look bright-- ADSL connection might be installed in February and hopefully in the near future, wireless too! It is also explained that limited funds are the reason why new computers are not yet available for the computer lab and library. Looks like we have to bear with situation till the new ones arrive..

Students who asked for aerobics-- you got it! By next semester, aerobic classes will be conducted by Apple but its time has not been established yet.

There was also a demand for more study places on campus and the college has been informed about this. Look out for more of these new areas in the dorms and the IT building next semester.

So keep those suggestions coming in-- we need your feedback. Let's work together to make MC a better place!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Peter Gregory is in town!

Have you seen him? If you haven't heard the man with the voice in the lower registers, here are some pictures!

Music Rendezvous (Volume II)

Here are pictures of the event by the MC Ensemble!

Monday, November 21, 2005


For the second time in Mission College history, the Mission College String Ensemble, conducted by Mr. Gerald Schafer, hosted a concert at the foyer of the church on the 19th of November. At around 6:30 p.m., the String Ensemble opened with "Spanish Garden."

But it wasn’t just the String Ensemble that performed in the concert. There were various students, who performed in the concert, playing the flute, saxophone, piano duets, piano solos, and singing. A 15-minute intermission gave the audience a chance to talk about what they have seen and heard so far, and also to get some refreshments.

To conclude the concert, the String Ensemble played a series of three songs, including one piece, which was 15-minutes long. After the last song, the applause would not stop until Mr. Gerald came back and conducted the Ensemble for an encore. Later, Mr. Gerald was presented with a bouquet of flowers from Dr. Mack Tennyson’s daughter, Allie.

After the concert, the usual round of picture taking with the participants occurred. A lot of people enjoyed the concert very much and hope that this new tradition will continue for years and years to come. So make sure to look forward to Music Rendezvous vol. III.

~Fiona Cassie Majilang~

Monday, November 14, 2005

Loy Krathong 2005

Loy Krathong 2005
Photographs by MCNO Press Photographers

Loy Krathong was celebrated just two days ago on Sunday, 13th November in Mission College. MCNO will be bringing you interviews with contestants of the beauty contest and comments from students who attended the program!

Meanwhile, here are some photographs from the evening - the atmosphere, dancers, krathongs and more through the lenses of our photojournalists!

FREE DOWNLOADS - Loy Krathong Pictures
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1. Photo-Story (MPEG format) - DOWNLOAD NOW
2. Photographs (Zip format) - DOWNLOAD NOW

There was a festive air during the Loy Krathong celebration last Sunday night. Many students took this time to enjoy the event with their friends while others were busy preparing for the beauty contest and dance. Although it threatened to rain, the weather held up nicely throughout the night. Students were seen lazing around on the mats that were laid out on the field. Besides eating, students were strolling among stalls that sold Thai souvenirs, desserts and Krathongs.

"There’s improvement in the organization of the event and there was also more variety of food being sold."- Harsha

Among the highlights of the evening was the beauty contest with an impressive line-up of ladies representing different departments. Miss Shannon Gibb won the first prize in the event. After that, the ladies led the students and teachers to the nearby pond to release their Krathongs that have been lit with candles. Many couples and friends made wishes before setting their Krathongs afloat on the water.

Waleed said, "This is my 2nd time here and I really enjoyed myself tonight. I was looking forward to the beauty contest."
The night ended with an elaborate fireworks display that shot bright colors against the dark sky. Samath really liked the festival even though "it was the same each year".

For a freshman like Abednigo, Loy Krathong was a part of his new experience here in Thailand. Whether it was the food, the beauty pageant or the fireworks, we're sure that everyone found something special that night.

Music Rendezvous 2

Music Rendezvous is back with part 2! They present the Mission College String Ensemble again! Excellent music at NO COST! Admission is free!

Venue: Mission College Church
Time: Evening
Entrance: FREE (donations are welcome)

Sunday, November 13, 2005

This Week's Poll!

Last week's poll results can be found HERE.

This week, our poll is about food! Where can you find the best food around this area? Would it be our very own Cafeteria or Bakery? How about the food in Muak Lek or just outside of our school at New York, New Zealand and Las Vegas? Have you found another place with food that's excellent?

Have your say here! Vote now!


MC Yearbook Photoshoot Update

The Yearbook Team began shooting portraits for the yearbook last week. The turnout at the Women's Dorm II was fantastic and we thank each one of you for your enthusiasm as well as your promptness. The next shoot will be this wednesday at the Women's Dorm I.

If you live in that dorm (Women's Dorm I), we will be there from 5pm to 6:45pm. See you there! Remember to dress up for your photograph!

Yearbook Team

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Yearbook Photoshoot 2005/2006!

Yearbook Photoshoot 2005/2006

Have you taken your yearbook picture yet? The Mission College Yearbook team will be going round the dorms to take pictures of all the students for the 05/06 yearbook. The name of MC's yearbook for this school year is "PERSPECTIVES". We all need to look at life from a different perspective to get fresh insights and ideas as well as to have some change in our everyday lives! Our yearbook will look at all of us from a new perspective! On with the year! (and this article)
If you've been alert enough, you would have seen many advertisements as the one you see on the right and below, with Nathaniel, Pappu, Nicholas, Aiichi, Weoi Siong and Ben Soontorn starring in ads that have been pasted around campus, encouraging students to attend the photoshoots to get their faces in the Yearbook 2005/2006.
Our photographers have been trained to take quality photographs and you can be assured that your photo will be taken with expertise.
1. When and where do I get my photo taken?
The Yearbook Team will be going from dorm to dorm to take pictures from the 9th of November to the 17th of November. Be present at the times allocated for the photoshoot at your dormitory (first floor). The dates are as follows:
Men's Dorm I: 9th November 5:00pm - 6:30pm
Women's Dorm I: 10th November 5:00pm - 6:30pm
Women's Dorm II: 16th November 5:00pm - 6:30pm
Men's Dorm II: 17th November 5:00pm - 6:30pm
2. What am I supposed to wear for this shoot?
Put on clothes and makeup (if you look better with makeup on) that make you feel handsome/pretty! Anything from casual, gothic, punk, cutsie-pie, mind-blowing clothes will do! If you wish to come in the pink... naked... our photographers will not at all mind too (but you didn't read this part). To sum it up, anything you feel comfortable in/ anything you think will make you look good!
3. What if I miss the shoot at my dorm?
Come on down to the next shoot scheduled and inform the photographer on duty! We'll shoot you without hesitation! (pun not intended)

4. What if I don't live in the dorm?
The Yearbook team will accomodate students who do not live in the dorms also - Come down to any of the shooting locations and inform our photographer on duty. We'll also shoot you without hesitation! (pun intended...)
5. Can I have my picture taken with my girlfriend/boyfriend/someone else?
Sure! You can have your picture taken with your special someone or a friend! Our photographer on duty will direct the poses so as to bring our the main subject (YOU) in the photograph so that people won't mistake you for someone else!
6. Can I NOT have my picture taken?
Yes you can choose not to come... but to miss out on a yearbook that's gonna be really awesome this year? Think again! :)
The team will be taking pictures for the faculty and staff next month.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Exploring on Two Wheels

Feeling adventurous? Longing for a bit of fun on weekends?

Everyone is welcome to join the MC Cycling Club every Sunday as they look for trails and new routes around the college area. If you're interested, come at 6.30 am outside the cafeteria.

Hope to see you there!